Going Solo

Today marks quite a milestone for the Hawequas Wood online store!

For the past three weeks our store was hosted on the Shopify platform, but as of this morning, we are now self-hosted.  Some late nights, a lot of learning and head scratching, but finally we are live on Hawequas.Co.Za!

Probably the most important part of any online shop is the payment gateway.  Shoppers need to be 100% sure that their transactions are safe and that their personal and banking information will not be compromised. For this reason Hawequas Wood has partnered with PayFast and PayGate, two independent online payment gateways, to handle secure and convenient payment processing.

Both these gateways are PCI DSS Level 1 Certified Payment Gateways, assuring both myself and you, the consumer, of the following:

PCI is a security standard that was founded by various card associations, including Visa and MasterCard. The full standard is known as PCI DSS or the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

The goal of the standard is to ensure the protection of card-holder data. In an online merchant (or ecommerce / card-not-present) environment, card-holder data typically refers to the PAN (Primary Account Number) displayed on the card, the card-holders name, card expiry date and CVV or security code on the back of the card.

The PCI standard requires that any company that is involved in any way with the processing, storage or transmission of card-holder data needs to be PCI compliant. This means they need to have certain practices or processes in place within their organisation in order to protect card data. In South African online or card-not-present environments the relevant cards that are in-scope are usually your credit or cheque cards.

In the event of a breach of data, where the security of card-holder data is suspected to have been compromised by either internal employees or external hackers, the organisation(s) that had the breach could face significant fines if it is found that PCI standards were not in place in the company at the time of the breach.

In addition, is it possible that the industry or relevant bank may temporarily stop those organisations processing any payment transactions, which could result in the merchant not being able to sell its product or service online.


And that is good to know!



Yeah, that’s a lot of stuff, but what it basically means is that your payment is safe and secure.  Once you get to the Checkout page, you will be presented with four options for payment:

  • PayFast
  • PayGate
  • Bank Transfer (EFT)
  • Cash on Collection

The first two options allow you to pay with your credit card (and in some cases, your debit card).  Once you’ve selected one of these options you will be automatically redirected to a secure website where you can make your payment.  Once the transaction is completed, you will be redirected back to our website.  This means that we don’t get access to your banking details, and the transaction is completed on a verified, secure and approved platform.

Now you can enjoy your shopping right here on our website, without ever worrying about compromising your personal and banking details.  Peace of mind – done!


We are in the process of setting up one more feature:  online EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer).  This option will be handy for all those customers who have online banking facilities, but not a credit card.  We will roll out this feature soon!  In the meantime, you are most welcome to follow the EFT instructions we currently have in place to accommodate EFT payments.

Let’s get shopping!  (And I’ll be off to my workshop to continue crafting beautiful treasures from the Winelands!)



Check out these guys at Unsplash!  Free stock photos!

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